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Fall 2010.

    September 5th - I am leaving for a study abroad program in Sydney, Australia for the fall of 2010.  Being a member of the Gerstacker Institute, one of the requirements is to fulfill two internships or an internship and a study abroad program.  So here I am.  I will be gone for exactly four months, Sept 5th - Jan 5th.  I will be studying at International College of Management, Sydney, which is actually a four minute walk from Manly Beach and about a thirty minute commute to downtown Sydney.   I’ll try to keep the pictures to a minimum (under a thousand), but that is going to be tough.

    Email me if you have any thoughts, comments, concerns, tips, speeches, ideas, memories, troubles, or jokes.

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“Courage is being scared to death, 
    but saddling up anyway.”
                           - John Wayne.
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