New York with Ulli.

    As I was studying abroad last fall, I became good friends with Ulli, who was also studying abroad, but from Germany.  We have stayed in good contact since Australia; and she had never been to the States,  so we thought, why not meet in New York City. 



    Although I have been to New York many times, I still see new things each time.  This trip I experienced:

Went into a German grocery store, Schaller & Weber - with a tour guide (Ulli).

Top of the Empire State Building - Awesome at night and there was no line on a Wednesday night!

9/11 Memorial - It provides extensive details and photographs about September 11, 2001 and again it was great to get someone’s perspective who did not have much connection to the States, yet still remembers the day vividly and how it impacted her.

Liberty & Ellis Island - I had been there a few years before, but it was interesting and fun to experience that type of place that could understand and read many of the old documents and posters from the early 20th century.

A Broadway Play, Lion King - Although rather expensive, it is a wonderful play and therefore is completely worth it.

Wall Street - I’ve never actually walked down the street.

Walked the Brooklyn Bridge - We went just as the sun was setting and it was perfect timing (Highly Recommend!)

Meeting in the Middle.

© 2011 Mark J. Stevenson